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(above) Silica glass preforms used to draw optical fiber.
(home page) Graduate Student Tyler Shillig operates CPT's CO2 laser-assisted fiber draw tower.
(left) Miniature silica glass EFPI acoustic/pressure sensor.
(center) Newton rings visible in EFPI acoustic sensor diaphragm.
(right) Singlemode-multimode-singlemode IFPI sensor for multi-point temperature and strain sensing.
(home page) Graduate Student Cheng Ma fabricates a miniature silica fiber sensor using CO2 laser-induced thermal fusion.
(left) Compact electro-optic gas sensing unit using a swept-wavelength DFB laser.
(right) Optical C-band absorption spectrum of carbon dioxide measured with optical/wireless gas detection unit.
(home page) Visiting Scholar Dian Fan tests her optical/wireless CO2 sensor.
(left) Optical fiber tip nanoprobe for biosensing applications.
(right) Micro-syringe used for optical fiber tip DNA sequencing.
(left) Silica-to-sapphire fiber splice developed at CPT.
(right) Sapphire wafer sensor can operate in corrosive environments at temperatures over 1600C.
(home page) Characterization of single-crystal sapphire wafers for use in sensor manufacturing.
(left & home page) Writing of UV-induced fiber Bragg gratings using a precision phase mask.
(right) Miniature acoustic horn used for fully-distributed sensing using traveling acoustically-generated gratings.
(left) High-resolution 3D imaging system based on Fourier Transform Interferometry (FTI).
(right) Surface map of multiple aggregate particles, imaged simultaneously using the FTI system.