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  • ECE5144 Introduction to Electro-Optics:
    Physical optics, wave propagation in inhomogeneous media, acousto-optic and electro-optic effects and their applications in intensity modulation and phase modulation of laser beams, lasers, and optical detection.
  • ECE4184 Fiber Optics Laboratory:
    Experimental analysis of optical fiber communication and sensing devices and systems including fiber construction and its properties. Optical sources and detectors, and system design.
  • ECE5154 Optical Waveguides: Theory and Applications:
    Modal analysis of planar and cylindrical dielectric waveguides; weakly guiding fibers and LP modes; graded index fibers; ray analysis of optical waveguides; radiation and leaky modes; coupled-mode theory and applications; special fibers; nonlinear effects.
  • ECE5614 Fiber Optic Communication:
    Advanced fiber optic communications technology (including laser and optical amplifier dynamics, tunable optical filters, and non-linear phenomena), and applications to high-speed long-distance systems, local area networks and television distribution. Interrelationships between the technology, architecture, and application of fiber optic communication systems.
  • ECE4134 Fiber Optics and Applications:
    Theory of optical fiber waveguide propagation and design applications in communication and sensing systems.
  • ECE4144 Introduction to Optical Information Processing:
    Modern wave optics. The application of Fourier transforms to image analysis, optical spatial filtering, and image processing.
  • ECE3254 Industrial Electronics:
    Application of basic electronic components in circuits.